Elevate Your Pet's Health: The Power of Petmima’s Supplements

Elevate Your Pet's Health: The Power of Petmima’s Supplements

As pet parents, we cherish our furry companions and strive to provide them with the very  best care possible. From regular exercise to a balanced diet, we do everything we can to ensure their health and happiness. One often overlooked aspect of pet care is supplementation. Just like us, our pets can benefit greatly from the added nutrients and support that supplements can provide. Petmima offers a range of high-quality supplements tailored to meet the specific needs of your pet, ensuring they live their best life by your side. 


Why Supplement? 


Pets, like humans, have unique nutritional requirements that may not always be met  through diet alone. Factors such as age, breed, and various health conditions can all affect  your pet's ability to absorb and utilise nutrients. This is where supplementation can make a  significant difference. By adding tailored supplements to your pet's diet, you can ensure  they receive all the essential nutrients they need to thrive. 


Petmima's Range of Supplements 


Petmima understands that every pet is unique, which is why they offer a comprehensive  range of supplements designed to meet the specific needs of your furry friend throughout  their various life stages. From bone, joint and cardio support to skin and coat health,  Petmima has a supplement to address a variety of health concerns, including anxious pets who may suffer from anxiety. Maintaining your pet's overall well-being requires a holistic  approach that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, plenty of love (and tummy rubs!) along with added supplementation.  

Supplementing your pet’s diet with Petmima is easy, as all formulas have no added scents or flavours so that even the fussiest pets should happily take them. Simply sprinkle the easy to  administer sachet over your pet’s wet or dry food, give it a stir and offer it to your pet. A great place to start is Petmima’s Complete Care +, a multivitamin and mineral supplement  containing a wide range of nutrients including vitamins A, E, C, D, along with essential minerals and a prebiotic. Petmima's supplements are designed to complement your pet's diet, providing them with the nutrients they need to thrive. 


Digestive Health and Immune System Support 


A strong immune system is key to your pet's ability to fight off illness and stay healthy. A  healthy digestive system and gut is essential for your pet's overall wellbeing, in particular  the effective function of their immune system. Petmima's Digestive Balance + supplement contains both prebiotics (a food source for beneficial bacteria) and probiotics (the beneficial  bacteria themselves) that can help maintain a healthy gut flora, improve digestion, support  immune function, and reduce the risk of digestive issues. Vitality Boost + containing NAD  and goats’ milk also promotes gastrointestinal health whilst also supporting muscle and  bone development and repair. 


Bone, Muscle and Joint Health 


As our pets age, they may experience joint and bone related issues such as arthritis and  osteoporosis, which can impact their mobility and quality of life. Petmima's Muscle 2 Bone  Advanced + and Advanced Bone Broth + with Hydrolysed Collagen, are formulated with  carefully selected ingredients including calcium, Vitamin D, glucosamine and chondroitin to  help reduce inflammation, support joint and bone health, and improve mobility. These  supplements are also beneficial for young pets who are growing rapidly and may benefit  from additional nutrition during this time.


Skin and Coat Health 


A shiny coat and healthy skin are signs of a happy and healthy pet. Petmima's Skin and Coat  + supplement can help improve the condition of your pet's skin and coat, reducing itching  and irritation. It can also be used as an energy source for your pet and may help lower  cholesterol levels in their body.  


Heart Health 


Just like humans, pets can benefit from supplements that support cardiovascular health.  Petmima's Cardio Care + contains essential nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10, EPA and  Vitamin E that can be beneficial during times of fatigue (after exercise). Cardio Care + can  also help facilitate and support energy production, improving your pet’s recovery time after  exercise. The added benefit of Omega 3 helps maintain healthy brain function whilst also  supporting the cardiovascular system. 


Mental Health 


Some pets may be more anxious than others and experience anxiety during times of  heightened stress such as travel, separation from their owner, or in response to storms,  fireworks, or other loud noises. Petmima’s Relax and Calm +, includes a combination of  Omega oils, calming herbs and amino acids that have a number of biological effects on the  body and how it functions under stress. This supplement can help relax even the most anxious pets and has other added benefits including nervous system support. Relax and  Calm + may also help settle hyperactive or over-excited pets. 

Supplementing your pet's diet with high-quality supplements from Petmima can provide  them with the nutrients they need to thrive. By taking a holistic approach to your pet's  health and well-being, you can ensure they live a long, happy, and healthy life by your side. All it takes is a sprinkle a day, for a healthier play!  

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